IGI Global Offers Free Access to "Is There Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Risk in Your DNA"

Human papilloma viruses (HPVs) are small, double stranded DNA viruses that are one of the leading risk factors associated with cervical intra-epithelial lesion creation and cervical cancer development. While HPV detection techniques exist, they desperately need modification to better detect and prevent this virus from leading to cancer.

Drs. Aris Spathis, Abraham Pouliakis, Stavros Archondakis and Petros Karakitsos lead the medical exploration of HPV detection in the book chapter titled "HPV Detection Methods: Towards Personalized Prevention," which discusses the various techniques available for HPV detection and monitoring. This chapter also identifies the direction of future research; the creation of new tests will more easily identify women at true risk for cancer development as cervical cancer remains a public health issue ranking in the top ten in both in developing and developed countries.

To learn more about HPV, access "HPV Detection Methods: Towards Personalized Prevention" for free now.

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