SAGE Stats: Data for Data Lovers

It’s time for you to take a look at SAGE Stats! This interactive, statistical platform provides a robust collection of data for social science research. A comprehensive data resource, SAGE Stats enables users to create simple, practical solutions. It also works well alongside other data products, allowing you to complete an outstanding data collection.

Featuring data from more than 250 private and public sources, SAGE Stats provides:

  • 14,000 data series covering U.S. geographies across 15 high-interest research areas and spanning as far back as 1969
  • Harmonized, carefully-vetted data from multiple proprietary and licensed sources
  • Quick downloads, comparisons, and visualizations that provide power and context for researchers from novice to expert levels

Sign up for a trial to SAGE Stats today! You and your researchers will discover a dynamic way to research and report key information and trends in the United States with data covering states, counties, cities, ZIP codes and metropolitan areas.

Amigos members enjoy special pricing for higher education institutions, K-12 institutions, and public libraries.

For more information contact Megan Bryant at or 800-843-8482, ext. 2896.